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    Formulate your enzymes for improved efficiency and sustained activity

    Model 3

    Enzyme embedment in industrial solutions: flow-through columns and cartridges, fluidized-bed reactors, membrane reactors, microplates, etc.

    Model 3
  • Affordable, versatile, and safe

    Strongly enhanced enzyme activity, multiple enzymes; nontoxic solid support and protection layer

    Model 3

Empowering enzymes

Enzymes, or biocatalysts, are specialty proteins. Like antibodies to antigens, enzymes exhibit remarkable specificity for their substrate and naturally facilitate many chemical conversions.

INOFEA empowers enzymes. We have developed a unique and patented platform technology to fit enzymes to in vivo and process conditions. See how it works on this video.

We are developing a wealth of applications from this platform technology in both Pharma and Consumer Healthcare market segments. We can either formulate enzymes as drugs efficient in in vivo conditions (digestive health products, pancreatic enzyme products, personal care products, medical textiles, etc.) or improve industrial biocatalytic processes.

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