What we do

enzzen® is the technology core of INOFEA’s scientific and commercial activities. Our lines of business derive from the continuous development and embedment of our innovative enzyme empowerment platform.

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Direct sales of empowered enzymes

We address different markets with our proprietary line of biotechnology products: enzzen®-formulated enzymes, to support bioanalysis & biosensing,  biotransformation / biocatalysis and bioactive ingredients.. We apply our enzzen® technology to commercially available enzymes to produce more stable, highly efficient enzymes and cocktails of enzymes, biotechnology products that are patented under INOFEA’s brand. Also, we can develop on-demand enzzen®-formulated enzymes that can be quickly and cost-effectively added to our customer’s value chain.

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Benefit from our technology – we empower your enzymes 

Contact us to benefit from our technology for your enzymes. We work closely with our customers to adapt our technology platform to their requirements (stability, resistance to harsh conditions, special formulations, etc.).