Industrial applications

Bioanalysis & Biosensing

The bioanalytical applications of enzymes are becoming increasingly important in the analysis, synthesis, biomanufacturing and medical diagnosis.
INOFEA supports the efforts of its clients in the pharmaceutical industry, with a line of enzzen®-formulated enzymes.

Some of our proprietary products used in bioanalysis are:

  • Trypzen® - a derived from trypsin, the most widely used enzyme by pharmaceutical companies
  • Fibzen® - a formulated cocktail of enzymes for the digestion of cross-linked proteins

Biosensors can measure analytes in real-time, which is extremely useful for monitoring rapid changes in biological fluids. For an enzyme to be used to detect the presence of diseases or drugs, it has to be stable under normal conditions of use and storage. INOFEA’s enzzen®-formulated enzymes show remarkable properties and are more robust for deployment in the health industry than commercially available enzymes. Molecular diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, biotherapeutics, genetic engineering or clinical research are only few of the medical applications in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

Biotransformation / Biocatalysis

A significant and ever-increasing number of marketed pharmaceutical products contain active biopharmaceutical ingredients that are manufactured in part using biocatalysis as a key enabling technology. The enzymes are biocatalysts that exhibit remarkable substrate specificity and naturally facilitate many chemical conversions needed in the manufacturing processes of biopharmaceutical products.

INOFEA’s enzzen®-formulated enzymes, as well as the embedment of enzzen® patented technology in our customer’s applications bring a huge value-added to products in Consumer Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

Enzymes play an important role as biocatalysts in the manufacture of small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). INOFEA addresses the biosynthesis of APIs with a line of enzzen®-formulated synthesis enzymes.

We know it can be highly important for you to have the tools to do it yourself. INOFEA can provide you with the tools you need to empower the enzymes you produce. With our His-tag binding Silica particles, you can selectively immobilize your enzyme of interest from a cell extract and shield it according to your process requirements. The protocol is first established with our technical team and later transferred to your process.

Bioactive ingredients

Our technology can be used to formulate enzyme ingredients for cosmetics and personal care products. We can use silica particles already present in a given formulation (for example Sident®) to insert an enzyme and formulate a bioactive ingredient.