Vision & Mission & Values

We love enzymes for their remarkable natural properties and activities: digestion, clean chemistry, therapeutics, cosmetics, personal and home care. However, as all proteins, enzymes are fragile entities. Our Vision is to make them robust, to strengthen them, and thus contribute to their full deployment in the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceutical product, and personal care. All humans benefit from the natural abundance of enzymes, empowering them will contribute to an improved quality of life for many.

Our Mission is to become a preferred biotech partner in enzyme biotechnology and bioengineering for health industry through innovation, partnership and effective delivery. Our main objective is to empower enzymes in a way that is versatile and safe, and we will achieve it by balancing scientific knowledge with commercial exploitation of results and with environmental welfare.

Yves Dudal: ”Our aim is to progress into a product based company by continuously growing the sales of empowered enzymes, and also explore the benefits of the platform for therapeutic enzymes in high medical need areas”.


Throughout our entire scientific and commercial activity we stay true to our values:

Constant innovation - we encourage and embrace constant innovation and focus all our efforts to enable the advancement of science in the biotech industry through continuous improvement in quality and performance.

High quality standards - we are commitment to excellence in biotech manufacturing. Our biotechnology products are Swiss made and the manufacturing process follows the highest quality standards and regulations, to ensure all current industry regulations are being followed.

Sustainable value – our entire activity is committed to creating value-added to our clients and to the scientific world alike, a value that the industry and the society benefit from in a sustainable way.