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INOFEA announces the conclusion of a purchase and delivery contract with UCB


The Swiss biotech and the international pharmaceutical company UCB are planning a long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes. INOFEA AG, a biotech company that focuses on the development of a novel enzyme platform, today announced the conclusion of a purchase and supply contract with UCB. The companies plan long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes, which will be used for the clinical development of new drugs. INOFEA has developed the technology platform enzzen®, with which each enzyme or enzyme cocktail is anchored on safe silica particles and protected by applying a structured coating. This stabilization of enzymes prevents the inactivation of enzymes and gives them remarkable resistance to process conditions such as acidity, elevated temperatures, the presence of chaotropic agents and the presence of proteases. The result is a higher efficiency of enzzen®-formulated enzymes compared to commercially available enzymes. "Our mission is to become a preferred partner in enzyme technology through innovation, partnership and effective product delivery," says Dr. Anne Timm, managing director of INOFEA. “Our main goal is to strengthen enzymes in a way that is versatile, safe and economical. We will achieve this by reconciling scientific knowledge with the commercial use of the results and high environmental protection”. The innovative technology platform from INOFEA can be used in many ways. With enzzen® e.g. environmentally friendly medication and baby food can be produced more efficiently and safely. In addition to the pharmaceutical and food industries, there are many applications in the chemical industry and in consumer care. INOFEA's customers include the world's largest pharmaceutical and food companies. At the beginning of the year, the company signed a development contract with a top 5 food company. A pilot study with a top 10 pharmaceutical company was started recently. INOFEA's customers also include small and medium-sized companies that want to stabilize enzymes. Due to the numerous demands from Swiss and international industry, INOFEA is in an expansion phase.

INOFEA gibt den Abschluss eines Kauf- und Liefervertrags mit UCB bekannt


Das Schweizer Biotechnologie- und das internationale Pharma-Unternehmen planen eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet von stabilisierten Enzymen. INOFEA AG, ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen, das sich auf die Entwicklung einer neuartigen Enzym-Plattform konzentriert, gab heute den Abschluss eines Kauf- und Liefervertrags mit UCB bekannt. Die Unternehmen planen eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet von stabilisierten Enzymen, welche für die klinische Entwicklung von neuen Arzneimitteln eingesetzt werden. INOFEA hat die Technologieplattform enzzen® entwickelt, mit der Enzyme auf Partikeln verankert und durch Aufbringen einer strukturierten Ummantelung geschützt werden. „Unsere Mission ist es, durch Innovation und Partnerschaft ein bevorzugter Anbieter in der Enzymbiotechnologie zu sein“, sagt Dr. Anne Timm, Geschäftsführerin von INOFEA. „Unser Hauptziel ist es, Enzyme auf eine Weise zu stärken, die vielseitig, sicher und wirtschaftlich ist. Wir werden dies erreichen, indem wir wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse mit der kommerziellen Nutzung der Ergebnisse und hohem Umweltschutz in Einklang bringen“. Die innovative Technologieplattform von INOFEA kann vielseitig angewendet werden. Mit enzzen® können z.B. Medikamente umweltschonender und Säuglingsnahrung effizienter und sicherer hergestellt werden. Neben der Pharma- und der Nahrungsmittelindustrie gibt es eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen in der chemischen Industrie und im Bereich Consumer Care. Zu den Kunden von INOFEA gehören die größten Pharma- und Nahrungsmittelkonzerne der Welt. Bereits 2019 hatte das Unternehmen einen Entwicklungsvertrag mit einem führenden Nahrungsmittelkonzern abgeschlossen. Eine Pilotstudie mit einem internationalen Pharmakonzern wurde vor kurzem gestartet. Zu den Kunden von INOFEA gehören aber auch kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, die stabilisierte Enzyme einsetzen wollen. Aufgrund der zahlreichen Nachfragen aus der Schweizer und internationalen Industrie befindet sich INOFEA in einer Expansionsphase.

INOFEA will participate at the 3rd Industrial Biocatalysis Symposium on June 10th, 2021 in Wädenswil, Switzerland


Each year the Competence Center for Biocatalysis hosts the Biocatalysis Symposium in Wädenswil. This event connects industry and academia with the intention to broaden the usage of biocatalytic enzymes.

INOFEA will participate at the 35th International Exhibition for Fine and Speciality Chemicals on 11-12 November 2020, Cologne, Germany


The Chemspec Europe is the key event for international trade and valuable networking within the fine and speciality chemicals industry. INOFEA will present the company and technology to demonstrate the possible use of enzzen®-enzymes for the chemical industry.

First Supply Agreement in Place


INOFEA has signed a supply agreement for enzzen®-enzymes with an international pharmaceutical company. The enzymes will be used for the development of a new drug.

INOFEA at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt


INOFEA participates also in 2020 at the 4th ECP event in Frankfurt and we welcome you to meet with us on Feb. 27. We enjoy this event every year and meet a lot of interesting people and companies to explore mutual interest in business opportunities.

INOFEA is participating at the DECHEMA Conference: Enzymes for Industrial Applications


The 4th DECHEMA-PRAXISforum “Enzymes for Industrial Applications” offers industry professionals a platform to discuss the latest developments in enzyme technology and biocatalysis. It is a perfect platform to meet solution providers, key users of enzymes and learn about new products, services and process and production technologies. INOFEA participates with a booth, presenting the enzzen®- technology and we welcome you to meet with us in Frankfurt later this year.

INOFEA moves of Headquarter to BL


INOFEA has moved the headquarter from Basel-Stadt to Basel-Landschaft with the opportunity to move into a facility with lab and office space later in 2020. Our new location is directly in the neighbourhood of the University for Applied Sciences in Muttenz.

INOFEA’s Shareholders agreed to a Capital Increase


In an extraordinary shareholder meeting the shareholders of INOFEA agreed to a new financing round (Series B) to support the companies’ growth strategy.

INOFEA is visiting the Vaccine Congress in Barcelona from 29 – 31 Oct. 2019


Every year experts from the industry, academia and funding organizations meet in Barcelona to discuss the latest vaccine developments to fight infectious diseases. More than 800 participants discuss solutions to challenges around the political, commercial and scientific issues in manufacturing, clinical trials, strategy, regulation, veterinary vaccines, immune profiling, AMR, respiratory, influenza, therapeutic and emerging diseases. Come and meet with us to speak about the usage of INOFEA’s technology to improve the stability of vaccines.