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News & Press Releases

SpinChem®’s RBR unleash the full potential of INOFEA’s enzzen® technology [...]

INOFEA at Vitafoods 2021


INOFEA will visit Vitafoods Europe 2021 to meet current and future partners. We will talk about enzzen® technology and its applications in nutraceutical ingredients production Inofea’s unique and patented technology platform let enzymes stand challenging conditions to enhance the production of valuable ingredients such as lipids and oligosaccharides, promoting and supporting human health.

INOFEA welcomes Paolo Boschetti as Business Development Manager


Paolo joined as a new team member INOFEA in September 2021. He is in charge of Sales and Business Development. He graduated as M.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Pavia and dedicated his whole career to international Marketing and Sales in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries.

INOFEA participates in a European project to achieve greener, innovative and sustainable detergents, textiles and cosmetics with enzymes


Its objective is to replace or reduce the use of chemical agents with microbial enzymes that can be incorporated in the manufacture of commercially available products. The addition of enzymes to detergents, as well as the processing of textiles and cosmetics with enzymes, can reduce CO2 emissions by 42 million tons per year. A team of researchers from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is leading a European project to develop new microbial enzymes that can be used to create consumer products (textiles, detergents and cosmetics) that are more environmentally friendly. The project, called FuturEnzyme, started this week and has a funding of almost six million euros from the Horizon 2020 framework program. Detergents, textiles and cosmetics are basic goods of daily use with complex formulas that can damage the environment and generate a very high impact on CO2 emissions, in addition to the consumption of large amounts of energy, water and the discharge of chemical products into the environment. One of the most promising ways to alleviate this problem is based on substituting the chemical agents used in industrial processes by enzymes to generate these products. Their use in liquid detergents, as well as in the processing of textiles and cosmetic ingredients, could reduce CO2 emissions by 42 million tons per year, according to recent estimates. Although enzymes that cover these activities already exist on the market, less than 10% of current consumer products contain enzymes, either because of their high cost or low performance. "Current enzymes cannot cope with the formulation of higher environmental quality consumer products. It is crucial to design smart technologies based on a new generation of enzymes with higher activity, stability and lower cost, which can meet the demands of both consumers and industry," points Manuel Ferrer, CSIC researcher at the Institute of Catalysis (ICP-CSIC) and coordinator of the European project To achieve this, FuturEnzyme's multidisciplinary consortium will start with detergents, cosmetics and sportswear already available on the market. "It's not about designing new consumer products that would take years to market, but about improving existing ones to make them more environmentally friendly, functional and sustainable by incorporating enzymes in the production process", Ferrer adds. These enzymes will be extracted from microorganisms by applying techniques that allow rational selection of the most suitable enzymes at each moment and for each product. The technology will combine massive analysis of biological data using supercomputers, bioprospecting, protein engineering, biotechnology and pre-industrial testing to select the best enzymes from thousands or millions of enzymes, something that has not been possible to date. The FuturEnzyme multidisciplinary consortium is composed of 16 European academic and industrial partners from Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland. CSIC is not only the coordinator of the project, but also participates in all stages, from the extraction and characterization of these enzymes, their improvement through engineering techniques and low-cost production to pre-industrial scale trials. Julia Sanz, from the Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano (IQFR-CSIC), who will be in charge of characterizing the enzyme structures, is also participating as principal investigator. FuturEnzyme started this week and will run until 2025. More informations about the objectives of the project are on www.futurenzyme.eu

INOFEA a clôturé avec succès son tour de financement de série B


INOFEA AG, société de biotechnologie spécialisée dans le développement d'une nouvelle plateforme enzymatique, a annoncé aujourd'hui la pleine réussite de son dernier tour de financement de série B. "C'était très encourageant de dépasser notre objectif avec le soutien des actionnaires existants et nouveaux", a déclaré la PDG, Dr. Anne Timm. "Toute l'équipe INOFEA et notre conseil d'administration sont fiers de cette étape importante et nous remercions nos investisseurs grâce auxquels cela a été possible." INOFEA utilisera cet investissement pour étendre sa position sur le marché, en particulier dans les secteurs pharmaceutique et alimentaire. La croissance permanente de sa clientèle montre la valeur des enzymes raffinées dans le domaine de la biotechnologie blanche. Les clients d’INOFEA apprécient cette technologie qui permet de réaliser des économies de produits de base premières, d’énergie et de coûts dans des processus de fabrication continus. Cette technologie unique au monde rend les enzymes jusqu'à 20 à 35 fois plus stables et réutilisables. Cela peut contribuer substantiellement aux objectifs de durabilité de l'industrie. INOFEA est en train de déposer de nouveaux brevets, a un contrat d'approvisionnement, plusieurs contrats de recherche et un contrat de licence. Outre la biocatalyse, la société se concentre sur le marché du diagnostic (biomarqueur), dans lequel la technologie enzymatique enzzen® rend superflues les biopsies complexes et douloureuses pour le patient. L'INOFEA étend son équipe tant sur le plan technique que commercial, laquelle a été récemment élargie pour inclure un responsable du développement commercial avec une grande expérience de l'industrie, ceci afin que les efforts de croissance ambitieux de l'entreprise soient réalisés dans les années à venir. INOFEA invite les entreprises de l'industrie qui recherchent activement des solutions enzymatiques pour la biocatalyse et le diagnostic à nouer des partenariats avec elle pour le développement d'enzymes robustes et recyclables.

INOFEA successfully closed its Series B financing round


Muttenz, Switzerland, Nov. 16, 2020: End of September 2020 INOFEA AG executed the successful closure of its recent financing round Series B. “It was amazing to see that we have been able to oversubscribe our target, both with the support of existing and also of new shareholders”, said the CEO, Dr. Anne Timm. “The entire INOFEA Team and our Board are proud of this important milestone and we thank our investors who made this happen.” INOFEA will use its investment to grow its market position, mainly in the Pharma and Food segment. The constant growth of the customer base demonstrates the value of the technology in the white biotech sector. INOFEA’s clients are particularly in favour of the technology as it supports raw material, energy and cost savings when used in continuous manufacturing processes. The unique technology makes enzymes up to 20-35 times more stable and reusable. This supports a valuable contribution to the sustainability targets of the industry. INOFEA is in the process to file new patents, has a supply agreement, multiple research agreements and a license agreement in place. Beside Biocatalysis the company focuses on the market of diagnostics (biomarkers) where the enzzen®-enzyme technology makes complicated and for the patient painful biopsies obsolete. INOFEA is expanding its team, both on the technical and commercial side and an industry-seasoned dedicated Business Development Manager has been hired. This will enable the ambitious growth aspirations of the company in the coming years. INOFEA invites companies in the industry who are actively looking for enzymatic solutions for Biocatalysis and Diagnostics to enter into partnerships for the development of robust and recyclable enzymes.

INOFEA hat seine Finanzierungsrunde der Serie B erfolgreich abgeschlossen


INOFEA AG, ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen, das sich auf die Entwicklung einer neuartigen Enzym-Plattform konzentriert, gab heute den erfolgreichen Abschluss ihrer jüngsten Finanzierungsrunde Serie B bekannt. „Es war erfreulich zu sehen, dass wir unser Finanzierungsziel sowohl mit der Unterstützung bestehender als auch neuer Aktionäre überzeichnen konnten“, sagte Dr. Anne Timm (CEO). "Das gesamte INOFEA-Team und unser Vorstand sind stolz auf das Erreichen dieses wichtigen Meilensteins und wir danken unseren Investoren, die dies möglich gemacht haben." INOFEA wird die Mittel nutzen, um die Marktposition im Pharma- und Lebensmittelbereich auszubauen. Das stetige Wachstum des Kundenstamms zeigt den Wert der veredelten Enzyme im Bereich der weißen Biotechnologie. INOFEA’s Kunden schätzen die Technologie, da damit Rohstoff-, Energie- und Kosteneinsparungen bei kontinuierlichen Herstellungsprozessen möglich sind. Die einzigartige Technologie macht Enzyme bis zu 20-35-mal stabiler und wieder verwendbar. Dies ist ein wertvoller Beitrag zu den Nachhaltigkeitszielen der Kunden. Neben der Biokatalyse konzentriert sich das Unternehmen auf den Diagnostik-Markt (Biomarker), wo die Enzzen®-Enzymtechnologie komplizierte und für den Patienten schmerzhafte Biopsien überflüssig macht. INOFEA erweitert zur Zeit das Patentportfolio, verfügt über Lieferverträge, mehrere Forschungsvereinbarungen und eine Lizenzvereinbarung mit industriellen Partnern. INOFEA erweitert die Anzahl der Mitarbeiter, sowohl auf der technischen wie auch auf der kommerziellen Seite und das Team wurde kürzlich mit einem branchenerfahrenen Business Development Manager gestärkt, um so ehrgeizige Wachstumsziele in den kommenden Jahren zu realisieren. INOFEA lädt Unternehmen, die nach enzymatischen Lösungen für die Biokatalyse und Diagnostik suchen, dazu ein, mit ihr Partnerschaften für die Entwicklung robuster und wiederverwendbarer Enzyme einzugehen.

INOFEA is certified to be one of the finalists of the EIT-Food Accelerator Network 2020


INOFEA is certified to be one of the finalists of EIT-Food Accelerator Network 2020, operated by MassChallenge Switzerland.

INOFEA participates at the Swiss Biotech Day in Basel on September 15th, 2020


INOFEA will be participating at the leading biotechnology conference on 15th of September in Basel, Switzerland. We warmly welcome you to meet us there for a one-to-one partnering to learn more about the possibilities of the use of our patented technology.

INOFEA annonce la conclusion d'un contrat d'achat et d’approvisionnement avec UCB


La société suisse de biotechnologie INOFEA et la société pharmaceutique internationale UCB planifient une coopération à long terme dans le domaine des enzymes stabilisées. INOFEA AG, une société de biotechnologie qui se concentre sur le développement et la commercialisation d'une nouvelle plate-forme enzymatique, a annoncé aujourd'hui la conclusion d'un contrat d'achat et d’approvisionnement avec UCB. Les sociétés prévoient une coopération à long terme dans le domaine des enzymes stabilisées, qui seront utilisées pour le développement clinique de nouveaux médicaments. INOFEA a développé la plateforme technologique enzzen®, avec laquelle chaque enzyme ou cocktail d'enzymes est ancré sur des particules de silice sûres et protégé par l'application d'un revêtement structuré. Cette stabilisation d’enzymes empêche l'inactivation des enzymes et leur confère une résistance remarquable aux conditions du processus telles que l'acidité, les températures élevées, la présence d'agents chaotropiques et la présence de protéases. Il en résulte une plus grande efficacité des enzymes formulées par enzzen® par rapport aux enzymes disponibles dans le commerce. "Notre mission est de devenir un partenaire privilégié dans la technologie des enzymes par l'innovation, le partenariat et la fourniture efficace de produits de haute performance", déclare Anne Timm, directrice générale d'INOFEA. "Notre principal objectif est de renforcer les enzymes d'une manière qui soit polyvalente, sûre et économique. Nous y en conciliant les connaissances scientifiques avec l'utilisation commerciale des résultats et une protection élevée de l'environnement". La plateforme technologique innovante d'INOFEA peut être utilisée de nombreuses façons. Avec enzzen®, il est par exemple possible de produire des médicaments et des aliments pour bébés plus efficaces et plus sûrs, tout en respectant l'environnement. Outre les industries pharmaceutique et alimentaire, il existe de nombreuses applications dans l'industrie chimique et les produits de soin personnels et à domicile. INOFEA compte parmi ses clients les plus grandes entreprises pharmaceutiques et alimentaires du monde. Au début de l'année, la société a signé un contrat de développement avec une entreprise alimentaire du top 5. Une étude pilote avec une entreprise pharmaceutique du top 10 a été lancée récemment. INOFEA compte également parmi ses clients des petites et moyennes entreprises qui souhaitent stabiliser des enzymes. En raison des nombreuses demandes de l'industrie suisse et internationale, INOFEA est en phase d'expansion.

INOFEA announces the conclusion of a purchase and delivery contract with UCB


The Swiss biotech and the international pharmaceutical company UCB are planning a long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes. INOFEA AG, a biotech company that focuses on the development of a novel enzyme platform, today announced the conclusion of a purchase and supply contract with UCB. The companies plan long-term cooperation in the field of stabilized enzymes, which will be used for the clinical development of new drugs. INOFEA has developed the technology platform enzzen®, with which each enzyme or enzyme cocktail is anchored on safe silica particles and protected by applying a structured coating. This stabilization of enzymes prevents the inactivation of enzymes and gives them remarkable resistance to process conditions such as acidity, elevated temperatures, the presence of chaotropic agents and the presence of proteases. The result is a higher efficiency of enzzen®-formulated enzymes compared to commercially available enzymes. "Our mission is to become a preferred partner in enzyme technology through innovation, partnership and effective product delivery," says Dr. Anne Timm, managing director of INOFEA. “Our main goal is to strengthen enzymes in a way that is versatile, safe and economical. We will achieve this by reconciling scientific knowledge with the commercial use of the results and high environmental protection”. The innovative technology platform from INOFEA can be used in many ways. With enzzen® e.g. environmentally friendly medication and baby food can be produced more efficiently and safely. In addition to the pharmaceutical and food industries, there are many applications in the chemical industry and in consumer care. INOFEA's customers include the world's largest pharmaceutical and food companies. At the beginning of the year, the company signed a development contract with a top 5 food company. A pilot study with a top 10 pharmaceutical company was started recently. INOFEA's customers also include small and medium-sized companies that want to stabilize enzymes. Due to the numerous demands from Swiss and international industry, INOFEA is in an expansion phase.

INOFEA gibt den Abschluss eines Kauf- und Liefervertrags mit UCB bekannt


Das Schweizer Biotechnologie- und das internationale Pharma-Unternehmen planen eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet von stabilisierten Enzymen. INOFEA AG, ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen, das sich auf die Entwicklung einer neuartigen Enzym-Plattform konzentriert, gab heute den Abschluss eines Kauf- und Liefervertrags mit UCB bekannt. Die Unternehmen planen eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet von stabilisierten Enzymen, welche für die klinische Entwicklung von neuen Arzneimitteln eingesetzt werden. INOFEA hat die Technologieplattform enzzen® entwickelt, mit der Enzyme auf Partikeln verankert und durch Aufbringen einer strukturierten Ummantelung geschützt werden. „Unsere Mission ist es, durch Innovation und Partnerschaft ein bevorzugter Anbieter in der Enzymbiotechnologie zu sein“, sagt Dr. Anne Timm, Geschäftsführerin von INOFEA. „Unser Hauptziel ist es, Enzyme auf eine Weise zu stärken, die vielseitig, sicher und wirtschaftlich ist. Wir werden dies erreichen, indem wir wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse mit der kommerziellen Nutzung der Ergebnisse und hohem Umweltschutz in Einklang bringen“. Die innovative Technologieplattform von INOFEA kann vielseitig angewendet werden. Mit enzzen® können z.B. Medikamente umweltschonender und Säuglingsnahrung effizienter und sicherer hergestellt werden. Neben der Pharma- und der Nahrungsmittelindustrie gibt es eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen in der chemischen Industrie und im Bereich Consumer Care. Zu den Kunden von INOFEA gehören die größten Pharma- und Nahrungsmittelkonzerne der Welt. Bereits 2019 hatte das Unternehmen einen Entwicklungsvertrag mit einem führenden Nahrungsmittelkonzern abgeschlossen. Eine Pilotstudie mit einem internationalen Pharmakonzern wurde vor kurzem gestartet. Zu den Kunden von INOFEA gehören aber auch kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, die stabilisierte Enzyme einsetzen wollen. Aufgrund der zahlreichen Nachfragen aus der Schweizer und internationalen Industrie befindet sich INOFEA in einer Expansionsphase.

INOFEA will participate at the 3rd Industrial Biocatalysis Symposium on June 10th, 2021 in Wädenswil, Switzerland


Each year the Competence Center for Biocatalysis hosts the Biocatalysis Symposium in Wädenswil. This event connects industry and academia with the intention to broaden the usage of biocatalytic enzymes.

INOFEA will participate at the 35th International Exhibition for Fine and Speciality Chemicals on 11-12 November 2020, Cologne, Germany


The Chemspec Europe is the key event for international trade and valuable networking within the fine and speciality chemicals industry. INOFEA will present the company and technology to demonstrate the possible use of enzzen®-enzymes for the chemical industry.

First Supply Agreement in Place


INOFEA has signed a supply agreement for enzzen®-enzymes with an international pharmaceutical company. The enzymes will be used for the development of a new drug.

INOFEA at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering in Frankfurt


INOFEA participates also in 2020 at the 4th ECP event in Frankfurt and we welcome you to meet with us on Feb. 27. We enjoy this event every year and meet a lot of interesting people and companies to explore mutual interest in business opportunities.

INOFEA is participating at the DECHEMA Conference: Enzymes for Industrial Applications


The 4th DECHEMA-PRAXISforum “Enzymes for Industrial Applications” offers industry professionals a platform to discuss the latest developments in enzyme technology and biocatalysis. It is a perfect platform to meet solution providers, key users of enzymes and learn about new products, services and process and production technologies. INOFEA participates with a booth, presenting the enzzen®- technology and we welcome you to meet with us in Frankfurt later this year.

INOFEA moves of Headquarter to BL


INOFEA has moved the headquarter from Basel-Stadt to Basel-Landschaft with the opportunity to move into a facility with lab and office space later in 2020. Our new location is directly in the neighbourhood of the University for Applied Sciences in Muttenz.

INOFEA’s Shareholders agreed to a Capital Increase


In an extraordinary shareholder meeting the shareholders of INOFEA agreed to a new financing round (Series B) to support the companies’ growth strategy.

INOFEA is visiting the Vaccine Congress in Barcelona from 29 – 31 Oct. 2019


Every year experts from the industry, academia and funding organizations meet in Barcelona to discuss the latest vaccine developments to fight infectious diseases. More than 800 participants discuss solutions to challenges around the political, commercial and scientific issues in manufacturing, clinical trials, strategy, regulation, veterinary vaccines, immune profiling, AMR, respiratory, influenza, therapeutic and emerging diseases. Come and meet with us to speak about the usage of INOFEA’s technology to improve the stability of vaccines.
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