May 2022, a busy month for INOFEA’s marketing activities

In few days INOFEA will enter a very intense month. We will start meeting other biotech companies at the annual event of the Swiss Biotech Association, we are proudly members of, here in Basel. Then in mid-May we will move West to meet nutraceuticals manufacturing companies at the Vitafoods in Geneva. And at the very end of the month we will be in Germany to talk about fine chemical production at the Chemspec in Frankfurt.

INOFEA’s enzzen® technology is very versatile and can meet manufacturing needs of a wide range of products, including food ingredients and fine chemicals, as well as cosmetic ingredients, fragrances, APIs, biosimilars. Any production including or willing to include biocatalysis on an industrial scale can benefit from enhancing enzymes with enzzen®.

As applications of our technology are so wide, and dedicated events are eventually back after being suspended due to the pandemic, we are glad to cover all main European ones as we already did, i.e. with InCosmetics in Paris, and will keep doing in the rest of the year ending with CPHI in Frankfurt.