enzzen®-technology platform

INOFEA developed a unique and patented technology platform to make enzymes fit to various application conditions called enzzen®-technology

The use of enzymes is strongly limited by the fact that enzyme structures are sensitive and fragile, like most proteins, and usually not fitted to process conditions. Many expensive genetically engineered or biological enzymes show remarkable properties but need to be made more robust for being used in various applications.

Our technology platform is unlocking the full potential value of enzymes, providing a seamless level of enhanced properties, unlike any other existing technology.

How does it work?

The enzzen®-technology is capable to immobilize any enzyme or cocktail of enzymes onto safe silica particles and protect them by growing a structured shield on the outer surface of the particle.

Our shield

prevents the enzyme denaturation and provides a remarkable resistance to various process conditions, such as

  • acidity

  • temperature

  • the presence of chaotropic agents

  • proteases, etc.

The result is an increased efficiency compared to commercially available enzymes, being more robust for deployment in the industry. The immobilization enables the use of enzymes in continuous processes, eases purification and makes such industrial applications economically and environmentally more sustainable.

Our possibilities
  • Tuning the layer thickness, its composition, its porosity ensuring, that substrates reach the active site off enzymes

  • Increasing the affinity to substrates

  • Co-immobilizing cocktails of enzymes

  • Covalent fixation of the enzymes on beads or directed binding with specific tags

  • Easy to remove from reactions

  • No leakage of the enzymes

The benefits
  • Improved stability (up to more than 100-fold), no self-digestion of enzymes

  • Suitable for continuous production processes

  • Enabling cascade reactions

  • Suitable for automated work benches

  • Introducing further functionalities

  • Fast and economic purification

  • Safe, no immune-reactions

Inspired by science?

Read more about our science and technology in here:
M. R. Correro, N. Moridi, H. Schützinger, S. Sykora, E. M. Ammann, E. H. Peters, Y. Dudal, P. F.-X. Corvini, P. Shahgaldian, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 6285.