Applications & Examples


An increasing number of marketed pharmaceuticals contain active ingredients that are manufactured with enzymes as biocatalyst. Biocatalysts exhibit remarkable substrate specificity and naturally facilitate many chemical conversions.

INOFEA’s enzzen®-enzymes bring a huge added value for Pharmaceutical, Food and other industries.

Biocatalysis is an effective tool to produce pharmaceutical APIs or Food ingredients. It makes chemical processes more effective, reduces the amount of raw materials, reduces high energy demand and with its selectivity and specificity support the manufacturing of very pure end-products.

Our technology can be applied in batch and continuous processes, the enzymes can easily be removed and additionally, enzzen®-enzymes can be reused over multiple reaction cycles.


Our enzymes are very capable biocatalysts for the manufacturing process of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).


Advantages using enzzen®

  • Process robustness

  • High product quality

  • High specificity of the toxin binding to the antibody

  • Achievement of drug anti-body ratio (DAR) as expected

  • No costly purification steps necessary

  • Suitable for flow-through reactors

With post-transcriptional protein bioconjugations we add further functionalities to your product of choice.

post-transcriptional protein bioconjugations

The bioanalytical applications of enzymes are becoming increasingly important, e.g. in analysis of biomarkers.
Some of our proprietary enymes used in bioanalysis are used for the digestion of cross-linked proteins.

Advantages using enzzen®

Advantages using enzzen®

  • Complete digestion of large cross-linked proteins

  • No self-digestion of the enzymes used

  • Perfect linearity between protein content in body fluid and concentration of the biomarker

  • Robust and easy to use assay

Bioactive ingredients

Our technology can be used in Personal and Home Care products. Our enzzen®-technology solves

  • stability issues of free enzymes

  • makes them more resistant against harsh conditions and

  • ensures that the enzymes do not leak providing thus and additional layer of safety

Benefit from our technology – we empower your enzymes

Contact us to benefit from our technology for your enzymes. We work closely with you to adapt our technology platform to your requirements (stability, resistance to harsh conditions, special formulations, etc.).