SpinChemยฎโ€™s RBR unleash the full potential of INOFEAโ€™s enzzenยฎ technology

INOFEAโ€™s unique and patented technology enzzenยฎ let enzymes stand challenging conditions.

The use of enzymes is strongly limited by the fact that their structures are sensitive and fragile, like most proteins, and often not fitted to process conditions. Many expensive genetically engineered or biological enzymes show remarkable properties but still need to be made more robust for various applications.

The enzzenยฎ technology allows the immobilization of any enzyme or cocktail of enzymes onto particles and their protection by growing a structured shield on the outer surface. The shield prevents the enzyme denaturation and provides a remarkable resistance to various process conditions, such as acidity, temperature, presence of chaotropic agents, proteases, etc.

The Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) by SpinChemยฎ offers huge advantages in both the preparation of enzzenยฎ enzymes and their deployment in biocatalytic processes.

By implementing the RBR at INOFEA, we have reached a faster and cheaper process to produce immobilized and shielded enzymes through enzzenยฎ.

In biocatalysis the benefit of RBR for enzzenยฎ immobilized and shielded enzymes consists in an improvement of the mass transfer in heterogeneous catalysis and in the minimization the mechanical stress.

In conclusion the synergy of the RBR by SpinChemยฎ and enzzenยฎ by INOFEA express the best of both technologies leading to more efficient biocatalytic reactions, with clear benefits in reliability, safety, costs saving and environmental sustainability.